Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Father's Day Outing

Valley Green (Wissahickon Park) in Fairmount Park

Father's Day approached and my daughter suggested that we head out to Valley Green. I use to take my children there when they were young to walk the trails. We'd spend many hours walking and talking and enjoying the expanse of nature that is in the City of Philadelphia.
I was hoping to take them to Smith Memorial Playground because they haven't been there since they were in summer camp at the Fishtown Recreation Center all those years ago.
It was decided that we go to Valley Green and spend the day there. That was fine by me because my one daughter drove and I got to shoot pictures along the way. I certainly shot pictures as we walked the trail heading towards Kitchen's Lane. This is were we crossed over the Wissahickon Creek to walk back on the Forbidden Drive to the Valley Green Inn for some snacks. There's a stone bridge before Kitchen Lane that you can cross over if you want to shorten your walk.
The super scenic route to the park starts at the beginning of the Ben Franklin Parkway and then onto Kelly Drive (East River Drive). (We actually took I-95 S to 676 Vine St exiting onto 22nd St to the Parkway this day.)
Follow Kelly Drive to the end and enter Wissahickon Drive. Follow Wissahickon Drive and bear right to exit onto Wissahickon Ave. (This exit is right after that really sharp down hill turn on the Drive. Stay in the right lane.) Turn left onto Wissahickon Ave all the way to the end were you have to turn right onto Allen Lane. Stay on Allen Lane to turn left onto McCallum St (Allen Lane Art Center). Turn right onto Mermaid Lane for one block and then turn left onto Cherokee St. Turn right just before crossing the bridge onto a steep downhill which takes you to Valley Green Rd and then a sharp left turn which will lead you into the park.
There's plenty of parking just before you enter into Valley Green. It's easy and you'll find your way and figure out any possible options.
You can't beat it. Get out there.

 My daughter Pam as we start our journey.
Valley Green Inn and snack shop and rest rooms

Me, Pam and Sam. My son Alex had to work.

Heading to Tony Luke's and then back home.

words and photos by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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