Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Fishtown Memorial

"Dedicated To All American Veterans Whose Devotion To Our Country 
Will Always Be Remembered"

The unintended consequence of the demise of the Fishtown's Pilgrim Church and congregation is the neglect and respect lost to the Veteran's Memorial on dedicated ground next to the church. This congregation once took charge for its upkeep and improvement with others within the community.
It's sad to see this memorial site overgrown with weeds and trees that nearly grow as tall as the flag pole. Our country's flag remains proudly raised regardless of it's fading colors. That's how strong we are even in times of forgetfulness.
This site, along with Palmer Cemetery, was a traditional site for Fishtown's observance of Memorial Day. This year, this site was not a part of the time honored characteristic Fishtown observance. It's now a thing of the past as is the Memorial Day Parade.
The American Legion Elm Tree Post #88 can only do so much and they always do the best that they can. It's not just up to them but also up to the community as a whole to make sure an unintended consequence does not become an unattended consequence.
Pastor Neal, formerly of Pilgrim Church, shares the same feelings of despondency over the neglect that has befallen this once clean and honorable site. Pastor Neal holds the keys to access this site. He is most willing to restore the due honor with the help of the community. No-one should do it alone.
I hope to raise Fishtown's awareness to develop a plan of action to restore this memorial site so that it will Always Be Remembered as the finer characteristic of the community of Fishtown.
Please share this with family, friends, neighbors and community groups. 

words and photos by roman blazic_all rights reserved  

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  1. I want to thank those readers from oversea's for your kind words of support. Your words encourage me to see this through in restoring honor.