Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Many More World Neighbors

Welcome One and All

It's been some time, since January, that I extended a Fishtown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA welcome to new world neighbors. So hold on to your hat because twenty-five (25) greeting are in order.
Pardon me for not extending this greetings in your language as I've done in the past. Please accept a sincere greetings in the spirit of William Penn "By Deeds of Peace".
Welcome Georgia, South Africa, St Lucia, Lithuania, Greece, Cameroon, Spain, Cambodia, Honk Kong, Ethiopia, Portugal, Britsth Indian Ocean Territory, Argentina, Iraq, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Algeria, Singapore, Somalia, Belarus, Ecuador and El Salvador.
You are now a part of sixty-four (64) countries that have visited this part of the world that has no borders. I am hopeful that some day we all can move as freely as we do on the Internet.
I welcome you to post your comments here or by E-mail: Suggestions are most welcomed too.
Thank-you for visiting this slice of life. So let us raise a cup to each other and shout that international greetings of "FREE BEER" and "FREE COFFEE and TEA".

I'm still hoping to hear from the Most Serene Republic of San Marino.

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