Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Better View

A view of inclusiveness in Fishtown

Fishtown's community newspaper, the Spirit, asked if I'd like to contribute pictures for their photo issue this week. It, for me, depends on what I see and how it inspires me to photograph something. It was on the last two days that I got inspired.
It started with the photos of the last vestiges of railroad tracks and my encounter with Vice TV. These photos appeared in my previous blog post. There were a few other pictures that weren't relevant to the story. You'll see them here.
The next day was spent at Penn Treaty Park for Shakespeare in the Park, "The Tempest." Other noteworthy things were going on in the park that day too. Take a look and a better view.
By the Fishtown Market
 Mini flee market at Columbia and Wildey
Xhale smoke shop on Girard Ave
The Hawk was a few steps away from Xhale. This guy was a good sport and all for what I was doing.
Aztec Dance in Philadelphia, Cenzontle Cuicatl, celebrated its 5th Anniversary in Penn Treaty Park.
These young ladies celebrated Quinceanera or "Sweet Fifteen"- a traditional celebration in many different Hispanic cultures.
The happy newlyweds.
 Another Quinceanera celebration.
Shakespeare's, "The Tempest", performed in the evening shade by the river's edge.
It was a day of rich heritage, old and new traditions and of the arts "by deeds of peace".

words and pictures by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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