Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Filming in Fishtown II

Vice TV or is it The Vice Channel

The original focus of my photo shoot was to find the last vestige of railroad tracks in Fishtown of its industrial past. The first trace was found on the corner of York and Thompson Street.

I quickly realized that the best place to have a closer look was on Beach Street near Penn Treaty Park. This street has been paved over but, sure enough, I found many remnants of railroad tracks. It is also possible that more remnants could remain in the area along Front and Laurel Street.

I noticed a film crew in action a short distance from the park. A sound engineer was hurrying along with additional equipment.  I, upon asking what the shoot was about, was told that the filming was for Vice TV. 
I moved closer and behind the production and shot some pictures. A not to be named person approached me and asked that I not take anymore pictures. This created an opening for me to ask some direct questions. We eventually had a conversation about what was going on. 
We formed an understanding and agreement not for me to name names or reveal any topic or the depth of the conversation. This is know as a verbal agreement or as I refer to it as a gentleman's agreement. Breaking such an agreement could result in an unlikely but possible legal action but clearly can result in an ethical matter.
It's important to note that any such offer whether it be verbal or in written form that clearly lacks an understanding and/or agreement voids any possible legal action and ethical matters. 
It's always best to be honorable to the rule of law and ethics.

words and pictures by roman blazic_all rights reserved   

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