Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Go Fly A Kite

Pie in the Sky 2014 Kite and Food Truck Festival

The Friends of Penn Treaty Park presented this 2nd annual event at the park on Saturday, May 10. This Fishtown event truly is family friendly and not a catch phrase to draw people. It was wonderful to have heard this spoken by several people who enjoyed themselves with or without children. Yes. Pictures speak a thousand words.
The rain held off for the opening first three hours or so. The looming threat of an electrical rain storm kept some of the crowd away. We all made the best of it and had a fun time together as a community.
The rain eventually came with a strong wind and it was wet, wet, wet. It was, at first, a rather brief shower but heavy enough to thin the crowd and soon end the festival. It was also a brief reprieve from the brunt of the storm.
Wow! The rain poured down even harder but in the end could not wash away the spirit and memory.
Here's an idea. It would be very interesting to develop creative momentum for people and the artist community to design and fly kites once a year at this event. Think in terms of a "Sculptural Kite Exhibition": a Fishtown, Philly First. We could light the fire.
To make a donation use the paypal function on our website: www.penntreatypark.org.

     I'm still recovering from the shock of hearing the women say, "I like having my picture taken".

Thank you Fishtown Neighbors Association and many others for your sponsorship of this event.
 Some of the friendly people to meet and talk too.
It is family friendly fun for children of all ages at play.

 The Food Trucks
 A quiet pleasant moment. 

all photos by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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