Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Trenton Avenue Art Festival

and the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby
As reprinted from theartblog with many more photographs.

On May 17, a bright, clear Saturday, the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival took place–and there was no place better to be in the warmth of the early spring sun. Thousands of people came out and created a greater sense of community to make this a fun, favorite family-friendly festival and derby. It was so easy to spend hours walking through the festival’s crowds and vendors. There was plenty of ice cream, a variety of comfort foods from the grill (and not from the grill), and beverages for all tastes.

Take a spin through the fest

How do you see it all? The Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby, which bills itself as “a design competition and parade celebrating art and human-powered transit,” traveled its longest derby route to date through the festival’s surrounding neighborhoods. The derby’s exciting finish in a mud pit remains a one-of-a-kind, “something you got to see” crowd favorite.  The spectacle was captured by Nic Justice Media in an excellent video that can be seen here.

Let these pictures bring you into the festival and tell its story. Why not be in one of the pictures next year?

Made in Kensington
The People's Choice Award Winners: "Game of Cones"

 Fishtown artist Dennis Daly

Little Berlin takes a pie in the face for a donation.
 The ice cream was so inviting.

 Everyone was in the spirit.
 Little Berlin received yet another donation. 

 It's the impromptu performance that stirs the festive mood.  
All the photographs can be found on Flickr.

Special acknowledgment must be given to the New Kensington Community Development Corporation for its sponsorship, which fostered the creation of this annual festival and derby. The East Kensington Neighbors Association, the Olde Richmond Civic Association, and the Fishtown Neighbors Association  all participated in putting on the festival.

words and pictures by roman blazic copyright 2014_all rights reserved 

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