Wednesday, May 28, 2014

100th Post

A Year Has Passed

It was one full year ago that I took a challenge to blog. It was a challenge that I gave to myself. The first post said it all in a poetic manner. It was actually the opening lines to a song that I could never finish.

Maybe I should leave myself
Take the time as someone else
See what I'm missing
If I was missing at all.

"It's all show biz", is a slacker explanation that touches on an element of it all. It's certainly leading me to ask if I'm bored yet? Is it time to re-define myself and is that even  possible now? Just what do I make of it all? 
Introspection is boring to read about but it works at the right times. Laughter to groans isn't as easy to write and bite without slighting anyone. I made myself laugh. My one daughter said this was the best one. A bunch of them spread around the map. What am I doing now? Something feels unsettled. I guess it's the re-runs. 
Maybe I should travel to Olde Richmond or East Kensington and take in the climate and culture. 
It's the re-runs.
Regardless of it all and even in spite of myself at times, I'm having more fun than most kids my age.

words by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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