Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas in Fishtown

Merry Fishmas

Times are changing as the neighborhood changes, Christmas is becoming harder to see as less and less homes and businesses decorate for the holiday. You can see, if you look closer, a Christmas tree through a window that is otherwise bare of any other decorations. Things change and so does my search to find that outward spirit.
I find it very odd in this up-trending neighborhood of many new businesses not fully seizing the opportunity to openly celebrate Christmas time. The Fishtown Area Business Association is doing a very good job of reorganizing and building a new future. This takes time and much effort.
It's left, at present, to the older established neighborhood associations, aside from the churches, to openly light the way: Fishtown's Historic Palmer Cemetery, Friends of Fishtown at Palmer Park and Friends of Penn Treaty Park.
I must remain hopeful that this trend is reversed in the new year by all the renters, homeowners and businesses to make Fishtown a more welcoming place during the holiday's.
Wildey St near Eyer St
Holy Name of Jesus Church
Palmer Cemetery
 Is Santa a Time Lord too?
Montgomery Ave below Girard Ave
Palmer and Mercer Sts
Wilt St by Gaul St
Marlborough St
Berks St by Moyer St
DiPinto Guitars Girard Ave near Columbia Ave
Along Girard Ave 
The Thomson Family Montgomery Ave
Eyer St by Memphis St
Palmer Cemetery
words and pictures by roman blazic_all rights reserved

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