Thursday, January 12, 2017

Planned Parenthood

Is this what they meant by Make America Great Again?

It's apparent that this was just something clever to say to get applause. It, unfortunately, rings hollow.

Senator Marco Rubio was right to the point towards his concern that Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson was cautious to name countries as human right violators. One of Marco's examples was Saudi Arabia's oppression of  women.
Marco is willfully oblivious to take that concern to the chambers and floor of the Congress and Senate of the USA. He, instead, walks lock step with Paul Ryan and the Republican Congress to defund Planned Parenthood. The Hyde Amendment wasn't enough restriction on a women. Ryan, Rubio and the boys now want to restrict a women's choice to receive medical screening and services totally unrelated to abortion. They want to force Planned Parenthood to be shut down that serves millions of United States citizens that will target millions of impoverished people.

The common thread between Planned Parenthood and Obamacare is that they both provide easy access to birth control whether it be in the form of a pill or a device (IUD).

Sen. Marco Rubio had introduced a bill in 2012, Religious Freedom Restoration Act, that could cut off birth control access for millions of women by allowing even non-religious employers to refuse birth control coverage as long as they cite a religious reason. In other words, if your boss doesn't want to cover birth control in the company health plan because he says it would offend his religious beliefs, he wouldn't have to—even if his Cialis was still covered. Rubio's bill could also allow states to refuse to provide birth control through Medicaid, which provides family planning services to millions of poor women. In other words, he and the boys would like to overturn the Supreme Courts decision regarding the Comstock Act (law).

Marco Rubio just has to look in the mirror to find a government that oppresses women.

Additional reading on Secretary of Health and Human Services nominee Rep. Tom Price.

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