Friday, January 27, 2017

Shopping in Fishtown

Head Games

Head Games is located at 5 W Girard Avenue between Frankford Ave and Front St. The shop opened on June of 2015 by it's owner Brad Bernstein. I did a double take when recently passing by. The display seen through the window caught my photographer eye. I had to stop in and see things for myself.
Head Games has an attractive display throughout the store. I describe it as an artist boutique. My camera came out and started taking pictures with permission,
The store manager, Nicole Tossa, describes the shop as a venue for local artists of all kinds. We are proud to host paintings, glass art, jewelry, apparel, and other mediums created by some of Philadelphia's most talented artisans. While we do carry some higher end pieces, we pride ourselves on providing art made locally at an affordable price. 
Nicole is a perfect choice for the store as she is a joy to talk too and very informative. I've seen her in action with customers and repeat customers. She is comfortable with herself which extends in making the customers comfortable.
Here's a look inside.

 Follow the yellow brick road.

 Ask Nicole about the story behind this figure

 Stop in and say hello to Nicole

all photos by roman blazic
words both by nicole and roman blacic_all rights reserved

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