Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Is Vladimir Putin the Most Dangerous Person to the USA?

No! Paul Ryan and the Republican Congress is.

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It still amazes me how people in the USA continue to vote against their own best interest.
Paul Ryan and the Congressional Republicans are presenting legislation to cut back Medicare benefits on the backs of senior citizens and the physically disabled citizens. This will happen, in part, by having these citizens pay even more out of their Social Security cash benefits (and savings if they have any) that they worked hard for and paid for throughout their lives as workers. This will be the result because he will offer "premium support" dependent upon your income.  (aka privatized Medicare) 
This group of people are one of the most impoverished group of people in the USA. This will force millions of more people to apply for food stamps which Ryan and the boys also plan to attack. It will also create a greater burden for these people for the upkeep of their homes aside for their heath and well being (medical and medicine): heating, electric, water and ever rising property taxes, etc. 
How soon will home ownership be considered as a financial resource factor?

Medicaid is on the chopping block too. Ryan and Pence are spearheading this other morally corrupt charge. Their solution would come in the form of having the federal funding for each enrollee to be “capped” based on a state’s Medicaid matching rate and adjusted for different types of enrollees: seniors, blind and disabled people, adults, and children. There would be no Medicaid expansions allowed after January 1, 2016. They're also including Heath Savings Accounts so these recipients have the means to pay the difference on what the "cap" lacks. The full idea is to cut Medicaid funding by One Trillion dollars over ten years. THIS IS THEIR IDEOLOGUE INSPIRED CRAZINESS.
Most people who receive Medicaid benefits are even more impoverished than the Social Security recipients. How in the presences of God do these Congressmen and women and Senators expect these people (along with senior citizens and the physically disabled) to be able to put what little to no money they have into a Health Savings Account?

Obamacare (ACA) is to be repealed and replaced in that order. The glaring problem is that they have not offered any replacement plan. Just think about the chaos and harm that will come to millions of people already insured and will become without insurance. They, at present, are offering the Affordable Chaos Act. Sarah Palin might just be right that Obamacare would result in "death panels."
Yes. There are some problems with Obamacare. The first change I'd like to see is to end intrastate (within the state) policies providers into interstate (existing or carried on between states) policy providers. This would open up the insurance market and hopefully create competition to lower the cost. Lowering the deductible is a whole other can of worms.
FYI: medicare for all with its 3% overhead would leave no one in doubt about their deductible and cost. Oh yea, to the brainwashed and washers start screaming SOCIALISM while forgetting about public libraries, police and fire departments, public schools* (also under attack) and most of all that pesky motto of the United States of America, E Pluribus Unum or "out of many, one."

What will you be thinking when Paul Ryan and the Republicans slash taxes for the wealthiest citizens, business corporations who pay little and many no tax on top of government subsidy and *institute school vouchers were public funds go to "for profit" schools?

Will you still believe in and support the "trickle down theory" that hasn't reached your pocketbook yet which started in 1980? (I'd think you all know the vulgar version of "trickle down")

Will you start to wonder if this is what they meant by "make America great again?"

Or will you have the worst of thoughts and wonder why they hate the average American citizen? 

Keep voting against your own best interest and you'll never have to ask yourself these questions.

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  1. One thing that has yet to be seriously considered, let alone brought up as a possible solution or alternative, would be to increase or even eliminate Social Security's cap on taxable wages. Most workers' taxes wouldn't change, while some would depending on what policy makers propose- $10T over the course of 10 years would be the likely outcome according to most economists that could help close majority of Social Security's solvency gap.